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  In-Home Pet Care 
Catopia In-Home Pet Care
Does your kitty have a “hissy fit” just at the sight of another cat?
IIs your cat on its 9th life… all its spring gone from its step and just prefers to be a “cat potato”? 
Do you have so many cats you would need to rent a bus just to transport them all? 
When the suitcases come out does the cat go on its own adventure and isn’t seen till next week? 
And what will happen to your vacation plans should your kitty catch the sniffles before you leave?

Catopia Now Offers In-Home Visits!

Serving the Salem/Keizer Area 
(Additional charges apply for travel outside the service area)
Complimentary Consultation
30-minute visit includes:   Fresh water  
Scooping and Clean-up  
Play and/or cuddle time  
1-2 cats $25.00  
Medication administration Free (unless I have to crawl under the bed to catch the cat)
Additional visits (15 mins) $10.00