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  In-Home Pet Care
  Standard Suite:
Approx. 5' x 2'
1 cat $15.00 per day
Each additional cat $5.00 per day
  Deluxe Suite:
Approx. 4' x 4'
1 cat $20.00 per day
Each additional cat $5.00 per day
Pricing and Accommodations

Catopia’s condos are comprised of two sizes of suites; the Standard suite and the Deluxe suite.  Both these suites are designed to provide the necessary space, stimulation and comfort so as to reduce stress for both feline and parent.  To accomplish this each suite includes vertical space for a feeling of security, comfy homemade beds for sleeping, cat-walks for stretching and pacing, and a place to hide for the scardy-cat.  Catopia also provides soft music and time for play, petting, and scratching.

Catopia’s Standard suites can accommodate up to a 2 cat family (3 if they get along well). Several of the standard suites have their own spacious window perches with a secure operational window to provide fresh air.

Catopia’s Deluxe suites are the most spacious with the capacity to accommodate up to a 5 cat family.  Each deluxe suite has its own access to “Camp Catawanda”, Salem’s only fully enclosed outdoor play structure.

All boarding charges are on a per day basis.  Each cat receives indoor exploration and one-on-one play/lap time per day. 

Pets may be dropped off and picked up by appointment only. Please call 503-689-3031 (cell) if you
are unable to keep your appointment time.

Medication Administration:  $2.00 per day given once daily or $4.00 per day given twice daily, etc.

25% discount for stays over 30 days